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RIP Tony Gwynn

We had the great pleasure of working with Tony on two occasions – once with the Padres, and later when he teamed with San Diego Telephone. I’ve never known a more gracious athlete and celebrity who in spite of his greatness on the field, never let that get in the way of his generous personality.

There Is No Second Place

With all the recent talk of San Diego hosting the America’s Cup again, I’m reminded of the successful campaign we created in 1987 to make sure Dennis Conner defended the Cup here at home. It featured newspaper advertising, a TV spot and a drive to get signatures on specially designed forms to present to the […]

ROV Sample Ballot Redesign

Many of you will be receiving your sample ballots for the next statewide primary this week. BrainShine worked with the Registrar to clean up and simplify both the cover design and first instructional pages. Here’s a before sample and our current design: