About BrainShine

BrainShine Brand Development & Marketing is comprised of unique, talented individuals who bring many life experiences. It’s these experiences that make up the being of our agency. It’s what makes us creative. It’s what makes us capable. It’s what makes us.

We treat each client individually and assemble teams that best service their objectives. Whether it’s art direction, copywriting, design, web development, media or dog sledding, you can count on the most capable talent we have to offer.

Let us help present your company. Your product. Your individuality.


  • Concept

    Concept begins when strategies are defined. We start each project with discussing your business, your competition, your requirements, your wants, your needs. Armed with this market knowledge, we concept to create breakthrough solutions that may cross various media, and will always get results.

  • Design

    Graphic designers were once called upon to be experts in composition, typography, color theory and file prep. With today’s computer-driven design and a plethora of multimedia needs, our designers have added to these talents the ability to work in two dimensional print, three dimensional environments and in the limitless digital space.

  • Writing

    Copywriters at BrainShine do a lot more than write for grammar and usage. They are expected to bring high-level concepts, voice and tone consistency to each brand. They are also involved in naming programs, public relations and Web content including search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Production

    Having advanced knowledge in the use of software is necessary to accomplish tasks such as page layout, photo manipulation, drawing, and animation. But we also have mastery of the tools needed to create websites and digital design, and custom programming. Our team has built everything from printed direct mail to tradeshow booths and graphic banners to advanced websites.

  • Art Direction

    It’s often said that good art directors are also good designers. At BrainShine, we view our art directors as problem solvers, creative concept engineers, and yes, talented designers that can manage everything from a print campaign to a television commercial. It’s about bringing art and commerce together in an engaging way.

  • Marketing

    Let’s talk branding development methodology. Developing a brand strategy means more than a logo or website. It means developing a consistent, relevant voice that resonates with the key audiences. Furthermore, “voice” is not limited to verbal or visual communication. To be effective, a brand must be integrated into all touchpoints, i.e. from event marketing to social media. A comprehensive brand-building campaign aligns your external messages with its long-term goal to build and maintain your image.

  • Research

    At the start of each project, we create a strategic marketing plan. And that includes performing a competitive market analysis. But our services also include general market research, trademark research, image research – whatever is needed to fully understand and implement a successful creative solution.

  • Vendor Management

    It’s not enough to just produce a great concept, it also must be executed properly. BrainShine has extensive experience in photo editing, print specifying, materials specifying and hiring and directing photographers and illustrators. We build professional relationships that are mutually beneficial. And we handle billing for all projects so you can concentrate on running your business.