City Of Carlsbad

When the City of Carlsbad California first approached BrainShine, it was to redesign their popular Community Services Guide. This 90+ pg. guide was revised from top to bottom, then we continued to design the Cover, City, Arts and Library sections of each issue for 5 years. Many features of the template we provided are still in use today. Plus, we created ads for the Library, Arts and Recreation departments in conjunction with this publication.

During this time, BrainShine was asked to work with Human Resources to create a branding logo with the tagline, “A great place to make a living. And a life.” We also developed trade show booth graphics, print ads and web banner ads.

We also created an awareness campaign for Environmental Services that included print ads, a branding logo, and tagline, “think globally, act neighborly.”

We also designed the Water Quality Annual Report, concepted ads, and created direct mailers and brochures for the Carlsbad Fire Department, Carlsbad Municipal Water District, the City of Carlsbad Public Works and the Carlsbad Community Volunteers. BrainShine analyzed and standardized the City’s seal, creating digital files for all departmental use and wrote the City’s seal standards manual.

We continue to work the Carlsbad City Library to support their many programs and volunteer organizations with various marketing materials.

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